Beautiful Stars

Yesterday night, I was looking up to the skies and it was full of stars. Since it is a privilege here in Bavaria not to have clouds above your head, I kept my head up for a while and enjoyed the amazing view. It made me think, think about life and my time here, doing what I am doing every day. All those web design problems I am trying to solve, all the code bugs that make my head go crazy and due dates that strangle around my neck. And the stars… they just shine, being beautiful, being what they are made to be – the mirror of the glory of God.

Shiny by design

Can I learn something from them? Can I be like them? You may say: the stars are not in need to eat, drink and sleep and you can not compare us as such. But to be honest, drinking, eating and sleeping are not your purpose, it is a way to gain strength for what you are made to be. Let the stars be your shining sisters. Let them teach you how to find peace in a moment,to look back into your daily routine and remind you that you are here to shine.

Unique and irreplaceable

Always remember when you see the stars, although they may look the same, each one of them is unique and fulfills exactly her purpose. Each one is irreplaceable and each makes the night sky look so beautiful. As it is so for the stars, we people share the same destiny. There is not a single same fingerprint in the whole world, not a single one that has a combination of your eye color, melody of your voice and the story behind you that made you be who you are.

Copy the pattern

You are unique and you are made to be shiny. You are here to take a part in revealing the beauty of God with joyful, shiny face. So learn from your shiny sisters and shine. Remember always, the sky would not be the same if some of them are missing. If you are missing, same thing would happen, the world would be missing a shiny part of the beautiful picture we make together. So copy the pattern and shine in a way only you can cause nobody else in this world can fulfill your purpose as you can… you are unique


Inspired by the beautiful shiny star-sky and the words of John Piper