It all starts with a dream…

One early morning of the rainy, gray October on the caterpillar island where all the average caterpillars lived, Earnie, one of the average caterpillars woke up and made himself a hot, dark coffee. Just a casual, daily routine before the average working day in the fabric of wooden chairs. Only this average day was somehow different…. As he was sipping his still smoking coffee, he slowly walked to the window, looked somewhere far in the distance and started wondering… What if there is more than this average life I am living. What if I am made for more…

But this is not the story about Earnie’s life, this is the story of yours and my life. This is the blog that helps you get to this moment of looking in the distance through your window and start wondering, “what if there is more” and start your personal journey of “I never thought I could get so far”

Inspired through the book of Proverbs (bible), The Dream Giver, and many other great entrepreneurs and dream chasers I dare you to jump on board and start your journey with me. I do not promise it will be easy but I do promise it will be excited, and worth it.

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