Prove them wrong, or don’t

It is not your call to prove anybody wrong.

The only person you should be called to prove wrong is the one you see in the mirror. No one else should be able to speak limits into you.

I just caught my self this morning, seeking motivational quotes and inspiration images for sport and entrepreneurship. Among the many nice ones, that I also rebloged on my tumblr, I’ve noticed that many people take proving others wrong as a motivation. Made me want to say a wird or two about it.

Proving others wrong is powerful

Though it can be very dangerous as well! Let us first analyse the word prove. By definition of the free dictionary it means:

To demonstrate the validity or verification of hypothesis ( something you tell to somebody). 

Well, first of all it does include minumun 2 person; The person claiming and the person doubting. I want your mind stick with this a little while. What is it that bothers you so much if other people believe or do not believe in what you are saying. Does their believe make your saying more truthful than it is?

Why do we sometimes give up before we even started just because somebody said we will not make it. How do they know that, and why they do it?

2 most common reasons for discouragers:

  1. Either they love you and want to stop you from brokeness in case of failure.
  2. Or they are afraid that you will succeed, and that will make them feel less worth. Those are so called haters.

In both cases they are not standing fully behind you. But in the case of loving friends; If your friend sees you sooo excited about something you are planning to do, before they destroy your faith with “you can’t”, they should ask about your strategy, your motivation and your goal. They should ask your through to check if you really thought about it or is it just a silliness coming out of your mouth. In  case you did, they will stand next to you. Because even if you fail, that does not make you a looser. And to such friends you do not have to prove anything, they will be your friends even when you fail.

About the second group of discouragers, well, I will not even bother. Seriously forbid your mind to think about their words.

Do things for your hearts sake and set yourself free.

If you really think deep about the thing you plan to do. What is that motivates you do it? Does it have a real value? Something you can bless the people and yourself with it? Or do you do it just because somebody challenged you with “You can’t” ? This is very important. And this is a key to success in life. You are never to do things because somebody challenged you to. You should do it because you want it. Because it burns on your heart to see in come alive. If both are the case, it is even better, you can use that as motivation too, but  never as the only one. I have to admit it does feel good proving others wrong, but it shold never be the done for it’s sake.  I have seen people catching them selves coming to the goals and realizing it does not complete them, does not feel so good as expected. Why? it is simple, it was never your goal, you were never meant to do it, you did it to prove them wrong. But proving wrong does not allways feel so good. Chasing your dream and accomplishing the things that burn on your heart, does it always.


Prove your motivation for chasing an idea, if it burns on your heart to see it come alive, do it! If you want to do it because of the prove sake you willmost probably waste your time and regret it. We are not here to prove anything to anybody except to yourself. Chase your dream and stick to people who support you even when you fail.



Do not settle, find what you love and go for it

What do you think about when you hear names like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson and alike? I used to think, lucky guys with rich parents. Well if you think alike I am glad to prove us both wrong.

After reading more about Steve Jobs I came to realize that he was just “a regular guy”. Actually he was even less than a regular guy. He was left by his biological parents and adopted. He was a student and a drop off. He was a couch surfer and a traveler.He was one of those who we call crazy cause they do not fit into their surounding. He was person with no more than 24 hours in a day, but he was powered by the following thought:

You’ve got to find what you love. And that is as true for your work as it is for your lovers. Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking.

– Steve Jobs

If you do not understand it, please read it again, because the above saying is the very key to move on and improve. It was probably not invented by Steve but he followed it and it worked for him. As much as it worked for many other entrepreneurs and as it can do for you.

If you have a lousy job, do not settle. If you do not love what  you do make the change and follow your dreams. You will be  called crazy, you will feel not understood, you will doubt in your decisions and you will be afraid at times. But to be honest, you if you insist on what you love you will also find motivation again and again. And by my opinion it is better to die trying, than not try at all.

So do not settle, find what you love, do what you love, focus and let us change the world together. I started already, did you?

Beautiful Stars

Yesterday night, I was looking up to the skies and it was full of stars. Since it is a privilege here in Bavaria not to have clouds above your head, I kept my head up for a while and enjoyed the amazing view. It made me think, think about life and my time here, doing what I am doing every day. All those web design problems I am trying to solve, all the code bugs that make my head go crazy and due dates that strangle around my neck. And the stars… they just shine, being beautiful, being what they are made to be – the mirror of the glory of God.

Shiny by design

Can I learn something from them? Can I be like them? You may say: the stars are not in need to eat, drink and sleep and you can not compare us as such. But to be honest, drinking, eating and sleeping are not your purpose, it is a way to gain strength for what you are made to be. Let the stars be your shining sisters. Let them teach you how to find peace in a moment,to look back into your daily routine and remind you that you are here to shine.

Unique and irreplaceable

Always remember when you see the stars, although they may look the same, each one of them is unique and fulfills exactly her purpose. Each one is irreplaceable and each makes the night sky look so beautiful. As it is so for the stars, we people share the same destiny. There is not a single same fingerprint in the whole world, not a single one that has a combination of your eye color, melody of your voice and the story behind you that made you be who you are.

Copy the pattern

You are unique and you are made to be shiny. You are here to take a part in revealing the beauty of God with joyful, shiny face. So learn from your shiny sisters and shine. Remember always, the sky would not be the same if some of them are missing. If you are missing, same thing would happen, the world would be missing a shiny part of the beautiful picture we make together. So copy the pattern and shine in a way only you can cause nobody else in this world can fulfill your purpose as you can… you are unique


Inspired by the beautiful shiny star-sky and the words of John Piper


It all starts with a dream…

One early morning of the rainy, gray October on the caterpillar island where all the average caterpillars lived, Earnie, one of the average caterpillars woke up and made himself a hot, dark coffee. Just a casual, daily routine before the average working day in the fabric of wooden chairs. Only this average day was somehow different…. As he was sipping his still smoking coffee, he slowly walked to the window, looked somewhere far in the distance and started wondering… What if there is more than this average life I am living. What if I am made for more…

But this is not the story about Earnie’s life, this is the story of yours and my life. This is the blog that helps you get to this moment of looking in the distance through your window and start wondering, “what if there is more” and start your personal journey of “I never thought I could get so far”

Inspired through the book of Proverbs (bible), The Dream Giver, and many other great entrepreneurs and dream chasers I dare you to jump on board and start your journey with me. I do not promise it will be easy but I do promise it will be excited, and worth it.

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