Giants are feeding on your laziness

When I was younger, thinking about the future, I imagined we were gonna have flying cars, the hunger of the world banned from the surface of the Earth, and people enjoying being together in their safe, advanced level of an intelligent society.

Looking backward to the recent events in the year 2021, I see people staring in a small box in their hands or the big box in their living rooms. While watching in the box, I see anger, envy, anxiousness, and other, rather negative expressions on their faces. How did we get here? Are we aware of it, and do we care if we are, or does someone make a great amount of money based on our destructive new behaviors?

Learn how to say No. But also learn to negotiate with your client

Recently I have been employed by German Startup to implement Scrum Methodology as their Delivery Process. The Product Manager has required a roadmap with one year ahead about our product development, with men days inclusive for each month. After 2 months I got fired for not providing Roadmap with fixed scope and fixed time. Even though we went for Agile Scrum. I guess it was good learning for the following claim:

“I am glad that at the early stages of my this development, some Scrum Masters and Solution Architects taught me the value of saying No, but also how to negotiate to make the “No” a compromisation that works as a solution for the benefit of both sides. They taught me that if I don’t raise my voice and say that “this, this and this can’t be done now or in that way”, then I will end-up with an unnecessary amount of pressure on me. And it’s true. Unrealistic deadlines, unrealistic requirements and unrealistic delivery will be part of the discussions during development, but you have to find the correct arguments to defend the fact that some things cannot be done by a certain deadline or in the way they are proposed. It is the worst form of unprofessionalism to make a commitment that you can’t keep, or make false delivery just to think that you keep your line manager happy in that way. The opposite may happen.”

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